We are a company for women by women on a mission to build a modern-day fashion house. We believe in the power of fashion to provide simple, bold dressing that inspires confidence. Beyond building the perfect wardrobe, we stand for the women we dress. We advocate unapologetic individuality and creativity. At ANINE BING, we use our platform to encourage our customers to feel comfortable and powerful in their own skin.

Every collection from ANINE BING is designed with you top of mind. We create timeless staples worth reaching for day after day, like vintage-inspired graphic tees, everyday denim, tailored suiting separates and versatile accessories.

Our product is crafted in the highest quality materials, intended to withstand the test of time. Our ongoing mission to work with fabrications that transcend trends in their simplicity and versatility should encourage our customers to minimize excess by building a wardrobe that will be cherished for longer than a single season.